JumpstART workshop

JumpstART is the Kelvin Grove State College Art and Design Excellence Program, designed to extend the creative potential of Year 7 students. The program is broken into three distinct design phases: inspiration, ideation and implementation. The Cube has partnered with Kelvin Grove State College for a second year to deliver STEAM focused engagement programs, connecting JumpstART students with The Cube and our collaborators.

On Saturday, Jacina welcomed back the JumpstARTers to The Cube to take part in their third workshop. The students first worked with Jacina and The Cube’s resident, Monica Rikic, earlier in the month.

In the third workshop, the JumpstARTers got straight to work, working in their project groups to record sounds and adapting parts of their ‘community centres’ to be conductive (using materials such as Bare Conductive paint and copper tape). The groups will further develop their projects this week, connecting the conductive materials to MaKey MaKeys to turn the centres from static displays to interactive, sonic experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates!