#GO423 Thanks Jammers

A huge thank you to all of our Idea Jammers who came to the CubeJam sessions in 2014! Next up is the Game On Symposium on August 9 – 10, where we will be awarding the best pitches from CubeJam 2: Show/Share/Challenge and showcasing the full length documentation of all three workshops.

> see you at GO423


Young Jammers

Cube Jammers from Pimpama College and QACI’s Young Scholars presenting their ideas for the Cube to family, friends and the camera.


Matt Ditton’s 3 simple steps to Cube glory

Our amazing mentor Matt Ditton from Many Monkeys Game Dev has given today’s Jammers the best prices for coming up with a great pitch for the Cube.

1. IDEAS, a lot of ideas

2. Performative development: take it into the actual space and walk it through

3. Storyboard: visual ideas are best communicated through visual language


Cube Jam 3: Inspiring Schools!

Today we are doing CubeJam 3: Inspiring Schools, with the brightest grade nine game dev students from Pimpama College and Queensland Academy of Creative Industries.

We are expecting these kids to seriously outshine our industry professionals and emerging game developers from CubeJam 1 and 2!



Jammy Pitches

Want to see what was pitched at CubeJam: Show/Share/Challenge?

Here is the recorded pitch from team Contemboration (Liz Iacopetta and Carol Cavanagh).

And below is team Loquacity and Hubris (Sean Fitzpatrick, Ori Wortley and Daniel Galbraith) with their ideas for the Cube!

These pitches are being judged as we speak with winners to be announced at the Game On Symposium in August!

Meet the Cube Jam Teams

Introducing the spectacular teams from Cube Jam: Show/Share/Challenge.

First up, meet our impressive team from Bond University:


The team from Bond University had a fantastic pitch for a digital community garden!


Next up is Team Loquacity and Hubris!


Team Loquacity and Hubris pitched an audio visualization project called Synthesia.


The incredible Keyboard Whisperers had a great pitch that used the entire Cube, not just one level.


We said thank you to all of our teams with a very fancy certificate.