Unity workshop with Disparity Games and Pimpama State Secondary College

The Cube has partnered with Pimpama State Secondary College to develop a series of toolkits that can be utilised by other schools to incorporate Video Game Design and Systems Thinking into their teaching. College teachers from Pimpama’s Creative Industries faculty will co-design STEAM learning experiences that embrace new technologies and 21st century experiences. The program will be delivered in 2015 as part of The Cube’s education program.

Through this partnership, a select group of Year 9 students undertaking the College’s PlayMakers elective participated in the first of three specialised Game Design workshops at The Cube with industry experts, Nicole and Jason Stark (Disparity Games). Students learned how to produce and place their own assets in Unity and developed game proposals, which were pitched to Nicole and Jason and their peers.

Unity2     Unity3

Here’s what some of the students and facilitators had to say about the workshop.

When I visited QUT, it was a really great experience observing what game developers do when studying. There were many things that I liked such as: meeting professional game developers, sharing my ideas and expressing my interests, working on Unity, exploring QUT, reflecting and ideating a pre-built game made with Unity. The things I am interested and looking forward to in the future are: learning how to make proper games and publishing them, learning how to create Environments, Objects, Characters (Sprites) and other design related stuff using 3D Animation, how to make games, going back to the QUT and hopefully studying there. – Student, Pimpama State Secondary College.

Jason and I really enjoyed meeting the Pimpama kids and sharing our experiences in game development with them. We were incredibly impressed by the kids’ interest and motivation, and their willingness not only to learn but to work hard to achieve their goals. The Cube was a fantastic venue for the workshop. As well as having all the space and equipment and that we needed, the venue itself is inspiring, and you could see that it put the kids at ease and sparked their imaginations. – Nicole Stark

The Unity workshop at the Cube has been an invaluable experience for our students. Not only did mentors Nicole and Jason provide expertise in the technical aspects of game making, they were also able to convey to the students other important skills (e.g communication, resilience and determination). Nicole and Jason used their own experiences to describe the many different career paths that are available in the industry. This was a great way to engage the students, particularly the students that are not coders. The venue itself is inspiring and has been the subject of classroom conversation. I would recommend workshops at the Cube to anyone interested in the design process. – David Harman, Teacher, Pimpama State Secondary College

We’re looking forward to working again with Nicole and Jason and Pimpama students over the coming months. This workshop will be available to school students in 2015, for more information email thecube@qut.edu.au.


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