Zachary Lieberman’s on-going project with QUT students

The first week was spent tinkering with the nuts and bolts of the project plan and The Cube itself. Zach explored the technical side of the display and environment, while the rest of the team came together and combined their collective brain power to make some extremely serious timelines and milestones.

The next stage is for the students to learn about the amazing research projects that are happening at QUT. They will sift through the plethora of projects to identify a small number that will feature on The Cube’s two main screens. Throughout this process the students have discovered the wonders of international collaboration and smart tools like HACKPAD.


After a week of sorting, the students have finalised a list of potential research candidates. It looks like the greatest challenge will be deciding which research projects will be featured in the project.

The students then undertook interviews with QUT researchers which were very insightful, and many of them got to explore the researchers’ ‘natural habitats’. Each member of the team was excited by the people they interviewed and the projects they learnt about. So many creative possibilities!


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