#GO423 Routes: Choices made and paths taken

Day one of GO423 is off to a fantastic start as our first panel of industry professionals reflect on their experiences in the games industry, from the bottom to the top (and sometimes back again), sharing some hard earned advice to the masses.

Hosted by Tony Reed (CEO of The GDAA), the panel comprised John Passfield (founder of RedSprite Studios and co-founder of Krome), George Fidler (read his interesting origin story here) and Morgan Jaffit (founder of Defiant Development). They talked about dealing with disappointment and frustration, compromise, the difference between large and small industry processes, and passed along some hard learned lessons and advice on how to keep focused and inspired (and not having to fall back on hospitality or unskilled labour during the process).

A fantastic “Must Read” list was also provided, so if you missed the talk here is the chance to still gain some great information and entertainment:

The Lean Startup essential reading for all aspiring game developers starting from the bottom

The Demolished Man Sci-Fi thriller (not about games, just a fine piece of fiction)

Masters of Doom the journey of the creator of seminal games Quake and Doom

Rules of Play a fundamental text about the culture of games, definition of play, and aesthetics of interaction

Understanding Comics a comic book about comics – why we read them, how they function, and their history


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