#GO423 Roots: The Evolution of a Games Industry

The Game On Symposium kicked off with a panel discussion on the history and evolution of the games industry, including a few well placed anecdotes and political struggles.

Jeff Brand (Bond University Faculty of Society and Design, Author of iGEA Digital Australia 2012), Tony Reed (CEO of Game Developers’ Association of Australia) and Gordon Moyes (Curious Bear Productions) have been in the gaming industry for a very long time, and with the guidance of Christy Dena told us the story of the past 20 years of game development. Covering both personal anecdotes and nationally seminal events, Roots: The Evolutions of A Games Industry told the story of Australia’s classification battles, shifting public opinion, Gordon Moyes’ Destroy All Humans! series, Tony Reed’s experiences working on the first Command and Conquer in 1995, the birth of E3, and all from the camaraderie of a small startup game studio to the shennanigans companies with money to spare can get up to.

And we can’t forget the gem of a broadcast showing the younger and vivacious Brisbane game devs of the early 2000s, including a barefoot and fresh faced Matt Ditton:

baby matt


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