#GO423 Jam Routes + CUBEJAM Winners

After a series of Game Jams held at the Cube this year, the veterans of CubeJam: Discovery had a reflective moment on what they had gained from the experience, and what it was like trying to create a pitch for The Cube. We also announced our CubeJam: Show/Share/Challenge winners!

The CubeJam program was all about generating fresh and exciting ideas for The Cube, a completely unique space and interaction environment. This process of problem solving and ideation not only produced a plethora of outstanding pitches for The Cube, but also according to the panelists, was a great excercise that fed into how they approach their own projects.


The favorite pitch of the second Jam was announced straight after the panel, which was open to emerging and student game designers and creatives. Team Keyboard Whisperers took the priceless prize of novelty Cube mugs and legendary status with their pitch that turned the entire Cube into a user generated universe.

Make sure to check out the CubeJam blog to see more of what happened.

Veterans from our first workshop this year, CubeJam: Discovery reflected together on their experience of designing for the unique space of The Cube, and different skills and ideas that have emerged from the program to feed into their own practice.

Afterwards, the first day of the GO423 wrapped up with drinks and merriment.

Jam Routes3JAM ROUTES4


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