#GO423 Future Routes in Games Technology: VR and Procedurality – Where does it go?

What is the future of game technology? Is it possibly the Power Glove? The Hoverboard? Maybe.

Beyond being extremely impressed at the realistic renderings of chickens that is improving every year, the panel discussed the technology developing behind Virtual Reality, wearable computing, user generated content, augmented reality, and the death of the term gamification (but the potential of it nonetheless). Kieran Lord (CrateSmith), Alex Norton (Creative Director of Malevolence) and Matt Ditton (founder of Manymonkeys Development) who stepped in for a missing Sean Edwards (shout out to him anyway), hosted by Ramine Darabiha (Chief Invention Officer at Halfbrick Studios) have a lot of ideas about the changing of conventional platforms that we have become familiar with as more games begin to shift their position in the physical world.

Speaking of hoverboards, check out the Hoverboard simulator prototype Kieran Lord has created with the Occulus Rift:


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