#GO423 Future Routes in Game Stories

This panel talked about games in stories, narrative devices and strategies, and how these extrodinary story makers create effective tales in the gaming platform.

Forced to create stories on the spot by cruel host Alex Butterfield, Christy Dena (2013 Cube Digital Writer in Residence) described to us the first ever robot made game, which will be very politically eclipsing. Joshua Boggs (creator of Framed) told us the twist ending of a time travel game made thousands of years from now, and Dan Graf (Games Designer at Halfbrick and founder of IGDA Sydney) gave us a spiel about how millions of years from now the Eiffel Tower will be thought of as a preserved skeleton of a giant land squid from millenia past. Good storytelling! These guys are the real deal!

On top of that the panel discussed the importance of matching gameplay with narrative themes and structure in order to avoid ludonarrative dissonance (a term so modern it’s definition can only be found on urban dictionary), the moral accountability of authors as games become more immersive and personally impacting with VR, and their own experiences of creating stories in games using experimental narrative structures, transmedia and personal gamer agency and choice.

Make sure to add to your “To Play” list the games mentioned during this panel for their advanced narrative success, one of which you may not have heard of:

Papers Please


Opera Omnia (too obscure to even have a logo?)


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